How are you supposed to start a blog? It feels like those days I was in grade school and started every letter with, “Hello, how are you? I am fine.”

So: Hello! How are you? I am fine.

Back story: (that’s how this is supposed to go, right?) I am nearly 28 (happy almost birthday to me) and a registered nurse from the Seattle area. I was married for almost three years and when my marriage recently ended, I thought, “Well now I can do some traveling!” (ex-hubby wasn’t a big traveling type).

Now most people in this position would make a budget, set aside some money every month, make hotel reservations, and book a round trip plane ticket for, I don’t know, sometime next year? Maybe these hypothetical responsible people would Google, “safe destinations for solo travelers.”

Instead, since logical and responsible are not my finest character points, I put in notice at my job, gave away most of my stuff on Craigslist, and bought a one way ticket for  Guatemala, a location fairly solidly not on the “safe destinations for solo female travelers” list.

Mom: If you are reading this, Guatemala is totally safe, I’m more likely to be in a car accident on the way to the airport than hurt in Guatemala, I’m never going to go out at night or alone or do anything even remotely dangerous and I will call and write everyday.

More back story: I’ve been to Guatemala three times in the past, most recently as part of a two week study abroad/healthcare volunteer trip in July. I’ve wanted to live there for about ten years, so now, depending on who you ask, I’m either “following my dreams” or “going to end up on 20/20.”

Either way, I hope you will follow along and find out.