I like this kind of a blog post.  The kind where I get to ask myself easy questions that I know the answers to, and then answer them like some kind of an expect or something.

Q: You’re doing what?

A: You said these were going to be easy questions.


Q: Where is Guatemala?

A: It’s just south of Mexico, between Honduras, El Salvador and Belize.


Q: Why Guatemala?

A: Why not Guatemala? (In seriousness, the only people who have asked me this are the people who have never been to Guatemala. People who have been know exactly why.)


Q: Where are you going to live?

A: In Guatemala

A: No, actually, I’m going to live in Antigua. The city. Not to be confused with the Caribbean island, which is a different place. Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s gorgeous and colonial and about 25 miles west of Guatemala City. I have a six-month lease on a one-bedroom apartment there. Or at least I think I do.


Q: How are you going to pay for stuff?

A: The cost of living is lower there than here, so my savings will last me 8-9 months. I will be looking for employment, likely online employment.


Q: Do you speak Spanish and/or have marketable skills that will help you survive in Guatemala?

A: No


Q: What about, like, visas and stuff?

A: I can stay on a tourist visa for three months, which can be extended fairly simply for another three months. Then I will have to do a border run, meaning leave Guatemala for three days minimum before returning to reset my tourist visa. I will not be able to legally work in country, however.


Q: Do you have family in Guatemala? (I actually get this one a lot).

A: No. I have a few friends in Guatemala City though.


Q: When do you leave?

A: Not soon enough.

A: The 28th of September.