My little sister and Reanna were gone by Thursday evening and on Friday I hauled (with the help of my Guatemalteco friends) all my stuff from the hotel in Guatemala City to my new apartment in Antigua. I unpacked everything, settled in, then found La Bodegona (Antigua’s everything-you-need-in-one-place store) and bought some simple groceries for dinner.

Yesterday I decided to walk up to Cerro de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross) which is literally right behind my apartment (GPS on my phone lists it as 600 feet away, but the walk is closer to a half mile). I had read online various reviews suggesting that the walk was strenuous, or unsafe, but with the crowds of people headed up on a Saturday morning, i couldn’t have felt more safe and although my heart rate got up a little with all the stairs, I reached the top only a little out of breath.

The view from Cerro de la Cruz is breathtaking, looking out over the valley of Antigua across to Volcan de Agua on the other side. I decided I would make this climb daily, as a good way to start my mornings.

Last night, at the suggestion of a friend since it was International Observe the Moon night, I went up to the roof top terrace and laid on my back and stared at the moon and the stars for a while. There were bats flying around overhead and I lay there and listened to the randomly-ringing church bells (if someone can explain to me the church-bell-ringing scheduled in Antigua, that would be great) and was just still.  Those of you who know me know that stillness is not my strong point often. But I was still. It was refreshing to say the least.

The beauty of Antigua with the colonial buildings and the mountains and the diversity of the people still takes my breath away. If you want to see more pictures than just what I post here, follow me on Instagram where I post a lot more: annakfierce.

Antigua and Volcan de Agua from Cerro de la Cruz

New apartment bedroom

New apartment kitchen